Keith Hill-The Unconsultant


At KHEY, El Paso, Texas, the station maintained its Number 1 position, while shares rose from 13.7 to 16.8. During Keith’s tenure, the station maintained the highest 12+ and 25-54 ratings of any top 100 market station in Texas.

Launched new Oldies based Adult Contemporary format on WMYI FM, Greenville, South Carolina. Launched station from an * to second in the market. In the second book, the station was Number One 12+, 25-54, and 18-34.

Flipped WOJY, Greensboro, North Carolina, from Format 41 to live AC. Took the station from fifth to second 12+ and 25-54, the highest ratings achieved in the station’s history.

Flipped WKJY, Long Island, New York, from Format 41 to live AC presentation. Station went from #18 to #3 25-54 in the first book.

While Program Director of WMID, Atlantic City, New Jersey, the station went from #8 to #1 in the market.


KLAA, Alexandria, LA: #1

KOUL, Corpus Christi, Texas: #4 to #1 (18-34)

KSSN, Little Rock, Arkansas: #1

KTOM, Salinas, California: #1

KXKC, Lafayette, Louisiana: #1

KYKR, Beaumont, Texas: #1

WBCT, Grand Rapids, Michigan: launched from a 2.7 to a 13.8, making them #1 in their market.

WBTU, Fort Wayne, Indiana: #1

WCTY, Norwich, Connecticut: #1

WDEZ, Wausau, Wisconsin: #1 four books in a row!

WGEE, Green Bay, Wisconsin: from 8.3 to 13.8

WNWN, Battle Creek, Michigan: from 13.6. to 20.0

WOKO, Burlington, Vermont: #1 12+ and 25-54 five years in a row

WQRB, Eau Claire, Wisconsin: #1 25-54 from 15.7 to 21.1

WRBT, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: #1

WRSF: Elizabeth City-Nags Head, NC: #1

WTCM, Traverse City, Michigan: #1

WTRS, Gainesville-Ocala, Florida: Five UP books in a row!

WYGC, Gainesville, Florida: #1


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